Panther Walking Route - Stop 5: Craig Hall

Stop 5: Craig Hall

Why You're Here

Craig Hall was acquired by the University in 1988 and houses the Office of Human Resources, the Payroll Department, and the Office of University Communications. Staff at the University are probably familiar with Craig Hall, as it is where new staff orientation is held every week.

The Office of Human Resources is dedicated to enriching the lives of all staff and faculty at the University, which includes making your health and wellness a priority through Wellness for Life. The Wellness for Life program focuses on proactive health care management through a variety of services, programs, and initiatives offered to complement the University's comprehensive medical plans.

Sustainability Initiatives

Beyond some of the more public sustainability initiatives at the University, there are an incredible amount of opportunities for every member of the Pitt community to go green, whether on campus, at home, or in your community.

Some of the ways in which you can go green include:

  • Buying produce from the Farms to Pitt program or a local farmers market
  • Contributing to the Pitt Pantry
  • Shopping at the University of Thriftsburgh
  • Improving your energy efficiency at home
  • Getting outdoors and using sustainable transportation

Find all the ways in which you can be more sustainable with these available resources.

Health and Wellness

The Dimensions of Wellness are dedicated to the overall well-being of your bodies, minds, and souls. Extending beyond just physical wellness, the Dimensions are meant to help you balance all aspects of your life--from family and friends, to work and play, as well as helping you find a deeper, more meaningful balance within yourself.

Consider making small lifestyle changes here and there to find your perfect balance in each of the eight dimensions.

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