Panther Walking Route - Stop 4: Forbes-Craig Apartments

Stop 4: Forbes-Craig Apartments

Why You're Here

The Forbes-Craig Apartments building was acquired by the University in 1964. The building houses 102 upper-class students in the Honors College in apartment-style dorms.

The building is located across from the Carnegie Museum of Art and History and is adjacent to Craig Street, a bustling section of central Oakland.

Sustainability Initiatives

The Forbes-Craig Apartments, along with all residency halls on campus, take part in sustainability initiatives that both help improve student life and the lives of everyone in the Pitt community:

  • All resident halls participate in RecycleMania and the Panther Power Down Showdown, which are friendly competitions with a goal of reducing energy useage and waste production
  • Recycling bins are located outside of all residence halls
  • Nearly every floor of every residence hall has a Hydration Station, which were installed to reduce plastic water bottle usage
  • In the 2015-16 school year, University Housing Services partnered with Residence Life and PittServes to bring Resident Assistant Sustainability Liaisons into residence halls
Health and Wellness

Residence halls all across campus are full of students dedicated to learning, experiencing, and living. Faculty and staff who may not be enrolled students can still boost their own drive to learn and their intellectual wellness by participating in the workshops offered by the Faculty & Staff Development Program as well as a variety of workshops and programs offered often throughout the year.

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