Panther Walking Route - Stop 2: Barco Law Building

Stop 2: Barco Law Building

Why You're Here

The Barco Law Building was built and acquired by Pitt in 1976. The building was designed in the Brutalist style, which descended from the modernist architectural movement of the early 20th century. Barco is home to Pitt Law (the School of Law), the Teplitz Memorial Courtoom, and the Barco Law Libary, which has an art gallery with rotating exhibits.

Pitt Law was founded in 1895, making it one of the oldest law schools in the nation. The building was named after George Barco and his daughter Yolanda, both of whom were graduates of the Pitt Law. Esteemed graduates of the program include Derrick Bell, Jr., Senator Orrin Hatch, PA Speaker of the House K. Leroy Irvvis, and PA Governor Richard Thornburgh.

Sustainability Initiatives

Pitt Law has a new Environmental and Energy Law Program in which students can choose to concentrate. The Barco Law Building is located adjacent to the Pitt Bike Cave, a student-run bicycle co-op, and bicycle racks can be found outside of the building, which makes biking an easy transportation option for law students and professors.

The back of the Barco Law Building also boasts a green space to be enjoyed by members of the Pitt community.

Health and Wellness

Students and professors can take advantage of Barco's wellness initiatives with the bike racks located right outside the building, and throughout Oakland, a path dedicated to bicyclists near the building, and the green space in the back of the building.

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