Panther Walking Route - Stop 10: Forbes Hall

Stop 10: Forbes Hall

Why You're Here

Forbes Hall is located in the Forbes Pavilion was built in 1964 and acquired by the University in 1977. Forbes Hall specifically refers to the residence hall component of the building, which houses mostly first-year students, but it sometimes interchangeably used with the name Forbes Pavilion, which refers to the entire six-story structure.

The Department of Parking, Transportation, and Services is located on the lowest level of Forbes Pavilion, and a student mail center is located in the lobby of Forbes Hall.

Sustainability Initiatives

Like all of the residence halls on campus, recycling bins are located at all buildings for students to participate in sustainable practices and Hydration Stations are in place to help students reduce plastic bottle usage. Many of the stations track the number of plastic bottles averted by opting to fill up at the station.

Health and Wellness

A fitness center on the second floor provides students the opportunity to work on their physical wellness while staying close to where they live.

The Engineering Living Learning Community extends learning from the classroom to the residence hall where students participate in structured programs built around academics, common interests, and shared goals.

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