Panther Walking Route - Stop 1: Eureka Building

Stop 1: Eureka Building

Why You're Here

The Eureka Building was built in 1924 and was acquired by the University in 1993. The Eureka Building is currently home to Facilities Management, which is responsibile for maintaining, preserving, and enhancing the University's physical assets.

Facilities Management strives to deliver excellence in campus stewardship, customer service, quality construction, and facilities services. This is accomplished by leading, planning, and managing the University's facilities and utilities resources to maintain and produce healthy learning physical environments that are safe, attractive, efficient, and sustainable. Facilities Managements helps support grounds maintenance, refuse, and custodial services for the Pittsburgh campus; building operations and maintenance for the the Pittsburgh campus, and; professional engineering, architecture, and construction management to all University campuses.

Sustainability Initiatives

Facilities Management leads a variety of sustainability initiatives for the University, including:

  • Getting Pitt buildings LEED certified (five have achieved gold certification)
  • Energy conservation projects
  • Pollution reduction projects
  • Recycling
  • Campus greening

Since 1996, Facilities Management's energy-conservation projects have achieved nearly $32 million in energy cost avoidance.

Health and Wellness

You might remember the Schenley Quad as a parking area nestled between many of Pitt's on-campus housing buildings. In 2018, the Schenley Quad was converted, with assistance from Facilities Management, to a student-friendly pedestrian mall, which has become a space where students can gather to enjoy lunch, hang out, or study.

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