Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness isn't just the balance between our work and personal lives; it's also an opportunity to find enrichment within ourselves. Whether you find meaning in helping others or improving yourself, Pitt is there to point you in the right direction with resources like the Pitt Cares volunteer program, the University Child Development Center for parents, and lifestyle coaching and consulting with Life Solutions. Finding the perfect work-life balance is possible when you begin your journey to occupational wellness with Pitt.


Occupational Wellness Resources

SHRS Video Series: As part of the Year of Healthy U, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) created two video series to keep you in good health. The "Computer Ergonomics for U" video series offers assistance with creating a more comfortable workspace for yourself, while the "Healthy U Back" video series offers simple tips you can include in your daily routine to keep your back happy and healthy.

Caring for Family: Pitt offers resources to faculty and staff to make caring for family easier at all stages of life. These resources include the University Child Development Center and tools for new parents, FMLA and STD information for staff, and family care materials for spouses, domestic partners, and dependents.

Insurance Plans: Our UPMC insurance plans are flexible enough to meet your specific health care needs. In addition to these plans, the Prescription Drug Program, as part of the University of Pittsburgh's medical plans, is available to employees, their spouses or domestic partners, and dependents.

Pitt Cares: Finding the balance between work and life outside of work includes balancing your personal life with your social life. You can find enrichment in helping those in your community by volunteering on your own or joining our Pitt Cares program. Opportunities are available throughout the year on campus and with our neighbors around Oakland. Visit regional campus websites for information about volunteering near you.

Additional Resources

The journey to occupational wellness requires frequent check-ins, which can be done on your own or with Pitt's help. These check-ins ensure that you are successfully balancing work life and personal life, which is possible not only by caring for family and helping others, but also by improving yourself. Signing up for courses through Pitt's Learning & Development program, as well as joining Life Solutions and TIAA for monthly webinars, is a great place to start.

Setting up a one-on-one appointment with a health coach can also help you on your journey to better wellness. Health coaching sessions at our MyHealth@Work Health & Wellness Center include stress management and mindfulness, as well as individualized lifestyle coaching tips and departmental coaching for a more balanced life.

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