Job Families & Staff Salary Ranges

Job Families

Job Families are groupings of jobs with similar functions, roles, or skills. Each job family consists of different levels, or job classifications. 

There are a total of 24 job families and 83 job classifications within the University’s Staff Classification System. Explore each job family below:

Administrator Human Resources
Administrative Support Instructional Development
Buyer Library
Campus Police & Security Maintenance Services
Child Development Media / Photography
Communications Precision Production
Dental Printing
Development Research
Electronics Research Scientist
Facilities Secretary
Financial Student Services
Health Professional Systems / Programmer

Staff Salary Ranges

The University is committed to annually reviewing and recommending adjustments to the pay structure, taking into consideration market and economic factors. If warranted, pay structure adjustments are effective on July 1, to coincide with the beginning of the University's fiscal year. 

The University's pay structure is comprised of 12 pay grades, and each University staff job classification is assigned to one of the 12 pay grades. Each pay grade is assigned a salary range which defines:

  • Minimum Salary: Represents the lowest amount a new employee would earn while learning the job
  • Midpoint Salary: Represents the targeted level of pay for a competent, seasoned performer
  • Maximum Salary: Represents the highest amount a highly experienced employee who consistently exceeds job requirements would earn.

Review this PDF that lists Job Classifications, Pay Grades, and Salary Ranges (FY23)