Human Resources Philosophy


In the University community, we will be a leader known for quality service, user-friendly programs, and professional expertise.


We are a service organization dedicated to the development, enhancement and delivery of quality programs in consultation with the University community by:

  • Consulting and working in partnership with departments to align their human resources with their goals and with the expectations of the University leadership.
  • Acting as an advocate and a facilitator for the development of services and processes intended to create a work environment that values both people and productivity.
  • Facilitating the development and managing the process by which individuals are recruited, hired, and retained in compliance with University needs and legal obligations.
  • Helping employees maximize their performance and resolve work-related issues.

We will continue to design, develop, and facilitate a comprehensive array of programs that address the needs of the University's faculty and staff, as well as their dependents.


  • Service Mind-Set means providing quick, personalized service that is accurate and consistent while remaining empathetic to our customers.
  • Accountability means taking responsibility for initiative, action, and follow-through, and the cumulative result.
  • Collegiality means demonstrating and accomplishing teamwork through information sharing and inclusion; by direct, open and honest communications; and supporting and backing up co-workers.
  • Professionalism means making a conscious commitment to excellence by establishing standards for oneself that insure the consistent maximum service to the mission of the organization.
  • Respect means a mutual acceptance of each other that provides each individual with the opportunity to grow.

Strategic Priorities

  • Enhance the perception of Human Resources by our department staff members and our customers.
  • Attract, develop, and reward talent and performance within our department.
  • Integrate delivery of services.
  • Enhance existing HR programs while developing new strategic initiatives in response to the University's needs
  • Improve the quality of our service, programs and processes.