Employee Mental Health Resources

This resource list was compiled by the Mental Wellness Task Force of the Benefits and Welfare Committee of the University of Pittsburgh Senate. We hope that these resources and services will help Pitt employees, and their relatives, balance their mental health. If you have ideas for additional mental health resources or services that you would like to have available as a Pitt employee, please contact the task force in care of Linda Tashbook tashbook@pitt.edu

Reading Material

1. Life Solutions provides access to a collection of easy background reading about the science of mental health disorders as well as resources for coping such as self-assessments, online seminars, and “skill builders.”  From the Life Solutions page at hr.pitt.edu/lifesolutions:

  1. Click on “Online WorkLife Resources” 
  2. Click on “Visit our WorkLife portal” 
  3. Under the term “balancing” click on “mental health.”

2. The University of Pittsburgh library call number ranges beginning with RC 460 and W have books about living with mental illness yourself and with another member of the family who has a mental illness. Review these books at pittcat.pitt.edu


Crazy : a father’s search through America’s mental health madness

RC 463 E27 2006 (Hillman)

Your Voice in My Head: A Memoir

RC 464 F67 A3 2011 (Hillman) 

Families and mental disorders : from burden to empowerment

WA 308 F198 2005 (Falk Medical Library)

Psychopathology and the Family

WM 140 P9759 2005 (Falk Medical Library)


The University Library System also provides University faculty and staff access to databases on topics such as psychology and the related compilation of “tests and measures.”

3. The UPMC Healthy Lifestyle Program

The Healthy Lifestyle Program page has great stress management tools available online.  The easy to navigate modules show you techniques and demonstrate how stress affects health.  In addition to these online services, the HLP conducts stress management sessions for faculty and staff.

Contact hlp@upmc.edu to arrange a one-hour session or several sessions for a group of co-workers.

Human Resources Services

HR Worklife Management Resources:

The portal to University wellness services: hr.pitt.edu/worklife-balance/health-wellness

Sick time policy:

Sick time may be used only for health reasons, family care obligations, and other conditions that have a bearing on physical and mental welfare. hr.pitt.edu/staff-handbook/paid-and-unpaid

FMLA at the University:

Up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to deal with your own or a dependent relative’s serious mental condition. http://www.hr.pitt.edu/benefits/leaves-abs/fmla

Pitt Knowledge

PA Mental Health & Justice Center of Excellence


Information and community services regarding the intersection of mental illness and crime.

Civil Practice Law Clinic


Supervised law students provide free legal aid for disability claims, guardianships, and other issues. Center for Patients With Special Needs at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine

Centers for Patients with Special NEeds at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine


The CPSN provides care for patients whose treatment needs are beyond that considered routine and require specialized knowledge, increased awareness and attention, and accomodation.  

Health Policy Institute: Mental Health


This is the University's think tank and research center on health policy, which has an arm dedicated to mental health.  

WPIC portal to local MH services:


This is an extensive list of community resources for families and for consumers of mental health services.

ANDP Lab – Affective Neuroscience and Developmental Psychology Lab


This lab offers adolescents opportunities to participate in research studies about mental health and addiction.  

Mental Health First Aid Certification

Previously available at Pitt’s Greensburg campus, this training shows how to help people developing a mental illness or who are in a crisis. Find a current course through the national website. mentalhealthfirstaid.org/cs/take-a-course/find-a-course/

Visceral Inflammation and Pain (VIP) Center at UPMC

The Visceral Inflammation and Pain (VIP) Center at UPMC offers a state-of-the-art approach to treating the psychological impact that often accompanies GI diseases.   They integrate comprehensive GI care with innovative behavioral health services, such as hypnosis and meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, stress management and relaxation techniques, non-opiate pain management strategies, and psychiatric medications