Organization Development: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request Organization Development (OD) services?

Any University faculty or staff member can inquire about OD services, however, the initial meeting and subsequent project work will need to include the college, school or department senior leadership.

What is the best way to contact OD?

Call us at 412-624-8044 or submit a request via email at

Do you charge for your consulting services?

OD consulting services are provided free of charge to the University colleges, schools and departments.  When meetings, training or retreats require travel outside of the Pittsburgh campus, departments will be asked to pay the travel expenses of the OD consultant(s) involved.  If OD interventions involve training, there may be a charge for proprietary training materials.

I would like to find a more effective way to evaluate my employees' performance.

OD provides consultation and services on performance management/performance appraisal and has worked with a number of colleges, schools and departments across the University to improve their performance management process.  Contact OD at 412-624-8044 to schedule a consultation.

What is the general process and timeline for utilizing OD services?

Once a department requests assistance from OD, a consultation meeting will be scheduled to gather information and assess the needs of the department.  Once the services have been identified and agreed upon, OD will then work with the department to construct a project plan.  The involvement of the department requesting assistance is vital to the planning process and a successful outcome.  Department representatives will need to be involved and available throughout the process.  The scope of the project will dictate the time involved.