Future Plan Changes

Due to recent updates in the Affordable Care Act legislation, the University of Pittsburgh will be changing medical coverage options for graduate students. Effective September 1, 2017, only graduate students with an academic appointment (TA/TF/GSA/GSR) will be eligible to enroll in the Graduate Student Medical Plan. All other graduate students, undergraduate students, fellows, and trainees will remain eligible for the General Student Medical Plan. If you have any questions related to this change, please contact the Benefits department at hr-benque@pitt.edu or 412-624-8160.


UPMC Panther Blue - Graduate Student Medical Plan
Highlights and Monthly Costs
Effective September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017

Carrier: UPMC Health Plan

Available to:

  • Graduate Students with an Academic Appointment (GSA, GSR, TA, TF)
  • Graduate Students without an Academic Appointment
  • Health Sciences Fellows, Post and Pre Doctoral Fellows, Certificate Trainees

Graduate Student Medical Plan Highlights for In-Network Coverage:

  • No annual deductible
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • No annual benefit maximum
  • Plan pays 100% of covered services after applicable copayment
  • Primary care physician - $5 copayment per visit for illness/injury
  • Specialist - $10 copayment per visit
  • Urgent care - $10 copayment per visit
  • Emergency room - $25 copayment per visit
  • Inpatient hospital stay – Covered 100%
  • University Pharmacy -- Copayment is $5 generic/$15 preferred brand/$35 non-preferred brand
  • Other Retail Pharmacies -- Copayment is $10 generic/$20 preferred brand/$40 non-preferred brand
  • Out of network coverage is provided at a lower benefit level
    Graduate Students with an Academic Appointment(GSA, GSR, TA, TF) General Graduate Students without an Academic Appointment Health Sciences Fellows, Pre and Post Doctoral Fellows, Certificate Trainees
Tier Level Monthly Premium Monthly Premium Monthly Premium
Student Only $0.00 $344.32 $344.32
Student & Child $325.08 $669.40 $669.40
Student & Children $325.08 $669.40 $669.40
Student & Spouse/Domestic Partner $345.17 $689.49 $689.49
Student & Family $375.73 $720.05 $720.05

For questions regarding the medical plan, contact UPMC Health Plan Member Services at 1-888-499-6885 (option 1, then option 4).

Details of the Plan

Review Details of the Graduate Student Medical Plan for additional information.

Review Graduate Student Prescription Drug Plan for additional information.

Summary of Coverage

Review the Summary of Coverage for details of that the plan covers and what it costs.

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