Defined Contribution Plan

Defined Contribution Plan

You should begin to review your retirement accounts three to six months prior to retirement. Licensed financial counselors from TIAA are available for one-on-one appointments to review your accounts and discuss potential investment and distribution strategies. 

TIAA representatives are available on the Oakland Campus and make periodic visits to the regional campuses.  TIAA also has licensed representatives who are available through their call centers.

Remember, you are able to leave all of your investments in TIAA and Vanguard upon retirement.  You have all of the resources of their organizations available to you throughout retirement.

TIAA-CREF Contact Information

Telephone Counseling:    (800) 682-9139 
To Set Up a Personal Appointment by Telephone: (412) 365-3000 
To Set Up an Appointment via the Web:
TIAA Web Site: