Pre-65 Coverage

Retirees between the Ages of 62 and 65

The medical coverage for retirees between the ages of 62 and 65 is a continuation of the same plans available to active faculty and staff. The medical plans are administered by UPMC Health Plan.

Option to Change or Terminate Coverage

Participants have the option to disenroll from the University’s sponsored coverage and elect to take the defined dollar benefit (DDB) credits at any time at age 62 or older. However, once you elect to take DDB credits, you do not have the option to revert back to the University's pre-65 coverage on a cost sharing basis. The plans will be available to you but you must apply the DDB credits against the full cost of coverage.

Changes in elections may be made if you have a family status change that includes a gain or loss of employment, divorce, removal of a dependent, death of a spouse, relocation etc.