Falk Laboratory School


The Falk School is a laboratory school operated by the School of Education and consists of classes for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Children are admitted through the regular procedures of Falk School. For more information regarding the application and admission process, please visit the Falk School’s Web site at:


Benefit Explanation

An education benefit covering one-quarter tuition for Falk School is available to children of regular full-time staff of the University of Pittsburgh who have been on the payroll for 12 consecutive months.

Staff members applying for the dependent student scholarship will start this process along with the application process with the admissions office at the Falk Laboratory School. During the admissions and application process at the school, Falk administration will verify the dependency relationship of the child to the parent, and will note whether or not the parent is a staff employee of the University of Pittsburgh. As acceptances and enrollments are processed for each school year, Falk administration makes a request to the Benefits Department for approval or disapproval of the eligibility of the parent employee for the scholarship. The Benefits Department then reviews the determining employment factors to verify if the staff member is eligible for the dependent scholarship. Falk Laboratory School is notified of the approved eligibility by the Benefits Department. If a staff member is deemed as ineligible, an explanation is provided to the school