The University of Pittsburgh will not tolerate sexual assault/sexual harassment

Sexual Assault can be Sexual Harassment!

Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment is illegal; the University of Pittsburgh will not tolerate such illegal activity.

Complete details of the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy may be found and read in its entirety at  This policy provides a variety of individuals on each University of Pittsburgh campus who should be contacted with questions or concerns. For additional details on this policy, please visit the Office of Diversity and Inclusion website.

It is important that individuals who believe they are victims of any form of sexual harassment or sexual assault immediately contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator on the Oakland Campus at 412-648-7860, Sexual Assault Services on the Oakland Campus at 412-648-7856 or the Title IX Liaison or Sexual Harassment Contact designated for each Regional Campus as indicated in Policy 06-05-01.  It is equally important that all criminal activity be reported to the Campus Police.