October is Dignity & Respect Month!

October is Dignity & Respect Month!

Business interactions.  Personal relationships.  Community connections.  Religious occasions.  Family situations.  In each of these environments and throughout every day, each of us wants to be respected and valued.

The University of Pittsburgh is a partner of the Dignity & Respect Campaign, a grassroots community initiative across the country that promotes inclusion in our workplaces, schools, and communities.  The Campaign encourages each of us to honor and appreciate the people in our lives, and to take the Dignity & Respect Pledge:

I, ____________________, will treat everyone with dignity and respect.

More than 50,000 people have taken the Dignity & Respect Pledge so far.  For additional information about the Campaign and to download the “30 Tips of Dignity & Respect,” visit www.dignityandrespect.org.

During October, we encourage you to celebrate Dignity & Respect Month by encouraging members of the University community to take the Dignity & Respect Pledge one of three ways:

  1. Online at dignityandrespect.org
  2. On Facebook at the Dignity & Respect Campaign page
  3. By texting RESPECT to 94253

Host a Pledge Drive!

We also invite you to hold a pledge drive in your individual school or department.  A special Pledge Drive packet provides complete information to conduct your pledge drive during the month of October.  To receive the packet, please contact Shari Manges at sdm43@pitt.edu or 624-7862.

Celebrate Dignity & Respect Month, and remember inclusion begins with you!