What is ALL•TEMPS?

ALL•TEMPS is a temporary staffing service administered by the Office of Human Resources for exclusive use by University of Pittsburgh departments and schools. The ALL•TEMPS service is dedicated to providing our clients with qualified temporary personnel – clerical, administrative, technical and facilities management – to fill short term staffing needs in a timely manner.

Compensation and Benefits

ALL•TEMPS offers competitive wages according to the type of work being performed in relation to the University’s wage scale. Review the ALL•TEMPS bi-weekly pay schedule. ALL•TEMPS working on assignment must keep track of time worked in the University's PRISM TRKS system. Click the PRISM TRKS button on the right hand side for additional information.

Temporary employees are not eligible for Pitt health and life insurance, but the University will contribute to the employees' Social Security, Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation.


ALL•TEMPS can provide you a temporary employee who has been screened, skill tested, reference checked and is predetermined to fit your temporary needs.

ALL•TEMPS recruits and interviews the prospective candidates to determine whether they are qualified for any type of position at the University. If you are interested in ALL•TEMPS recruiting and interviewing a temporary employee for you, please submit an ALL•TEMPS Request (“AR”) through PittSource.

There are circumstances in which a department is utilizing an ALL•TEMPS employee to fill a regular vacancy, and the department subsequently determines that they want to hire the temporary employee for the regular position. In those instances, the department may be entitled to hire the ALL•TEMPS employee as an exception to the regular recruitment process.

ALL•TEMPS Recruitment Exception Request

Although ALL•TEMPS recruits and interviews candidates that best meet the needs of the department and the University, there may be some exceptions in which the department may select a temporary candidate. In this instance, the department would submit an ALL•TEMPS Recruitment Exception Request (“ARER”). If a department submits an ARER, then the recruiting and interviewing process is the sole responsibility of the hiring department. However, the department is still required to payroll the temporary employee through ALL•TEMPS.

The following guidelines outline the circumstances an ARER may be requested:


  • Submitting an ARER: If you have identified a temporary employee, an ARER is required through PittSource. All candidates must be at least 18 years of age or older. Please note that other pertinent information is required in order to process your request.
  • Completing an Application: An applicant must complete an application in PittSource. ALL•TEMPS will contact the identified ARER candidate regarding the online application process.
  • Reference Checking: The department must complete a minimum of (1) professional reference on the selected employee and provide it to ALL•TEMPS prior to the start date.
  • Determining the Salary: ALL•TEMPS will assist in determining an hourly wage to offer the successful candidate. Generally, the University will offer a candidate between the minimum and midpoint of the respective pay range. A request that deviates from this practice must be approved by the appropriate department administrator and ALL•TEMPS prior to extending the offer.
  • Extending the Offer and Payroll: ALL•TEMPS will contact the identified candidate to schedule an orientation so the appropriate payroll paperwork can be completed. Orientation sessions are held every Monday at 9:00 am or by appointment. The candidate must attend a session on his/her start date or make an appointment for an individual session.