Performance Management Forms and Resources

Performance Management Forms

Annual Goals Form

This form is to help staff and their supervisors establish goals at the beginning of the appraisal year, and criteria on which success may be measured at the end of the appraisal year.

Staff Performance Appraisal Form (Supervisory Role)

This form is to be used by the evaluator for individuals who supervise other staff. 

Staff Performance Appraisal Form (Non-Supervisory Role)

This form is to be used by the evaluator for individuals who do not supervise other staff.

Staff Self-Appraisal Form

This form is designed to provide an insightful and reflective review of individual staff member’s performance, and to encourage dialogue between the supervisor and each staff member.

Performance Management Resources

Annual Staff Performance Appraisal Program Memo

This document outlines annual timelines regarding the appraisal program.

Guidelines for Supervisors: Staff Performance Management

This web page serves as a step-by-step guide for supervisors administering the annual performance management process.

Performance Management Toolkit for Managers

This toolkit provides managers with helpful material to prepare for the annual staff performance management program and to set goals for the next year.

Preparing for Your Performance Review

The performance review process is a shared responsibility between the supervisor and employee. This toolkit provides employees with helpful material to prepare for the annual performance review.

Performance Management Training

Instructor-led Courses offered on a rotating basis through the Faculty & Staff Development Program (FSDP)

Online Courses offered through

Tips for Goal-Writing, Feedback, and Coaching

Goal-Writing Tips (PDF)


Delivering Employee Feedback with Todd Dewett

Providing Feedback from: Building High-Performance Teams with Mike Figliuolo

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Coaching and Developing Employees with Lisa Gates

Coaching Employees from: Management Fundamentals with Britt Andreatta

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University of Pittsburgh Performance Appraisal Policy and Procedure

University of Pittsburgh Policy 07-05-01

University of Pittsburgh Procedure 07-05-01

Additional Assistance from the Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources, through Organization Development, is available to assist you and your staff to plan and implement an effective performance management process. We can work with department supervisors on how to write clear and measurable goals, collect relevant feedback, provide coaching throughout the year, and plan for and conduct a meaningful performance evaluation.   If you encounter challenges using the staff performance appraisal process, we can work with your organization so that the system works better for you and your staff.  For our assistance, please call Organization Development at 412-624-8044 to follow up on any of these services or with any questions concerning this program.