New Managers

New Manager Essentials

Time Record Keeping System Training for Supervisors (PRISM TRKS Timecards)

  • This online training will provide step by step instructions for supervisors using the University's automated time and attendance system, PRISM TRKS. Training includes instructions on approving and modifying submitted timecards, viewing standard reports, and much more.  Visit the PRISM TRKS online training site to get started.

Understanding Wage and Salary Administration

  • Exempt and Non-Exempt Employee Statuses are determined by the University's Compensation Department in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act based upon the functions of an employee's job.  Learn the definition of each and how the statuses are applied at the University.
  • Compensatory Time and Overtime are pay provisions for non-exempt status employees who work beyond the University's established 37.5 hour workweek. Learn about how these provisions are applied at the University. 

General University Staff Policies and Procedures

  • The Staff Handbook provides information on general University policies and procedures.  The handbook includes such topics as paid and unpaid time off from work, University holiday days off, employee relations procedures and guidelines, nondiscrimination policy, etc.

Training/Professional Development for New Managers

Faculty and Staff Development Program Workshops (FSDP)

The New Supervisor Track of the FSDP is designed for individuals who are new to directly supervising the work of other staff.  The workshops combine technical knowledge and skill-building to help participants learn the responsibilities and characteristics of an effective supervisor.  Participants will learn leadership skills as well as key employment policies and the role they play in managing day-to-day human resources issues for their departments.

The following list includes some of the offerings in the New Supervisor Track:

  • Compensation Administration for New Supervisors
  • Documentation and Employee Performance (online)
  • Essentials of Leadership
  • Getting Started as a New Leader
  • Managing Employee Performance
  • Managing Staff Absenteeism (online)
  • Time and Attendance Record Keeping
  • Family and Medical Leave Act 

Please note: FSDP courses are offered during the spring and fall terms of each year.

Online Learning with

Made available by Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD), is available 24/7 and offers free, unlimited access to an online library of technology courses and other professional topics. Learn more about

Helpful Networks and Resources

Department Administrator

  • If you are unsure of a policy or procedure, your Department Administrator should be your first point of contact for clarification.  In addition to University policies and procedures, your department may have other guidelines in place for handling specific employee issues.

Human Resources


  • For questions related to pay statements, taxes, payroll processing due dates, etc., please visit the Payroll Department website.