Job Families are groupings of jobs with similar functions, roles, or skills. All staff positions are assigned to a job family during the classification process based on the general roles, functions, and skills needed for that position.

Each job family consists of different levels, or job classifications. Once the appropriate job family has been selected, the job classification is determined based upon the duties performed, scope of responsibility, level of skill, education requirements, and the potential impact the position has on the University’s operations.

There are a total of 24 job families and 83 job classifications within the University’s Staff Classification System. Explore each job family below:

Administrator Job Family Human Resources Job Family
Administrative Support Job Family Instructional Development Job Family
Buyer Job Family Library Job Family
Campus Police & Security Job Family Maintenance Services Job Family
Child Development Job Family Media / Photography Job Family
Communications Job Family Precision Production Job Family
Dental Job Family Printing Job Family
Development Job Family Research Job Family
Electronics Job Family Research Scientist Job Family
Facilities Job Family Secretary Job Family
Financial Job Family Student Services Job Family
Health Professional Job Family Systems / Programmer Job Family

Click here for an explanation of the fields within each job family grid.

To compare different job classifications, utilize the Job Classification Comparison tool.