Staff Classification System


Pitt’s Staff Classification System (SCS) is designed to help attract, retain, and motivate qualified individuals by providing salaries that reflect internal equity, external competitiveness, and individual performance. SCS establishes:

  • A classification system for all classified staff positions within the University, excluding executive-level positions.
  • A pay range for each position that will result in equitable treatment of employees and assist in attracting and retaining qualified personnel.
  • Support for human resources planning through performance review, development programs, and other programs.

The system is based on the following:

  • A job description for each position, which is completed by the supervisor, department head, and division head and is maintained in a master file by the Office of Human Resources.
  • Analysis and classification of positions in accordance with a series of factors which collectively measure qualifications, authority, and responsibility for each position.
  • Assignment of classified positions to established pay grades and pay ranges.
  • Guidelines and procedures relating to salary administration and other personnel changes.
  • A process whereby those in positions covered by this system may request a review, through their supervisor, of their position assignments.