Temporary Employment


ALL•TEMPS is a temporary staffing service administered by the Office of Human Resources for exclusive use by the University of Pittsburgh departments and schools. ALL•TEMPS provides the opportunity to gain campus experience and references. Many of our temporary workers strive to become Regular University of Pittsburgh Staff Employees. We provide the exposure and networking opportunities needed to increase competitiveness in the application process.

Work positions vary in duration and many diverse academic, business, and research environments. Assignments can last from one day to six months. The schedule for most assignments is 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, though schedule flexibility and part-time assignments are available. We accommodate candidates interested in short-term or long-term work.

Managers at the University can request a temporary employee after reviewing further information. 

Application Process

To be considered for our temporary pool, please apply through PittSource. Recruitment occurs on an as-needed basis. If there is a need for someone with your qualifications, you will be contacted by ALL•TEMPS for a general screening.

Please review the detailed list of our most commonly filled types of positions and indicate on your résumé/cover letter which jobs interest you. If you do not identify any particular jobs, an ALL•TEMPS Recruiter will match your skill set to a current or upcoming opportunity. 

Compensation and Benefits

ALL•TEMPS offers competitive wages according to the type of work being performed in relation to the University’s wage scale. Temporary employees must keep track of hours worked on an assignment in the University's PRISM TRKS system. ALL•TEMPS are paid on a bi-weekly pay schedule

Temporary employees are not eligible for PITT health and life insurance, but the University will contribute to the employee's Social Security, Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to seek full-time, regular jobs at the University of Pittsburgh while I am working in a temporary position?

ALL•TEMPS are encouraged to continue their job searches while working in temporary positions. The experience you are gaining on the temporary assignment with the University helps to build your résumé and familiarize you with the organization, and offers networking opportunities in various Pitt departments.

As an ALL•TEMPS employee, is it likely that my current temporary assignment will turn into a regular, full-time job?

A temporary employee may be considered for regular hiring if a staff vacancy exists. Occasionally, departments may specify a temporary assignment to be temp-to-hire, though that does not guarantee that the ALL•TEMPS employee will receive an offer for the regular staff position.