Why Work at Pitt?

Each year, the University employs some 6,500 students as classroom and lab assistants, tutors, social media coordinators, fitness trainers, tour guides, and cashiers, just to name a few examples. Working at Pitt enables you to:

  • Earn extra money and reduce your need for student loans, without having to leave campus to get to your workplace.
  • Learn job skills and build up your resumé as you become more involved in the University community
  • Network with professionals who may serve as excellent references for future jobs and/or graduate school.
How to Find Student Employment

All Pitt student employment opportunities are listed on PittSource, the University’s online employment system. You can search, and apply, for jobs right from your computer—and, when required, attach a resumé and other documents.

What to Do After a Job Offer

After getting hired, you will receive an email confirmation from the Office of Student Employment, instructing you on what you need to complete prior to beginning to work.

About Us

The Office of Student Employment (OSE) is part of the Office of Human Resources. OSE is responsible for assisting and guiding degree-seeking under graduate students through the job search and placement process while attending the University of Pittsburgh.