Employment FAQ

Do I have to fill out an online job application?

Yes. The University of Pittsburgh only accepts online job applications and résumés.

May I apply for multiple positions?

Yes. Your application must be submitted for each position individually, but you may have several applications in process at once.

If a position is posted, does it mean that it is open?

Yes. Positions are removed from the Web site when they have been filled.

How do I know which job family my skills will match with?

Job Families are specialized groupings of jobs with similar functions, roles, or skills. All staff positions are assigned to a job family during the classification process based on the general roles, functions, and skills needed for that position. 

I have already applied online for positions. Why haven't I heard anything?

The recruitment timeframe can vary for each position. Unfortunately, due to application volume, we are unable to follow up personally with each applicant. Here are a few helpful hints to assist you through your employment search:

  • To ensure that your skills are a match, we highly encourage you to review the minimum requirements for each position prior to applying online.

  • We encourage you to please refer to the Manage Jobs screen in PittSource to view the status for your online application(s). The status of each position will be viewable as "In Progress," "Cancelled," or "Filled."

What if I don't have computer access to apply online?

Please stop by the Office of Human Resources at 100 Craig Hall, 200 South Craig Street, Oakland. Computers are available in the lobby for candidates to apply online.

What if I forget my user name and /or password?

If you forget your username and/or password, please go to PittSource.com, click Login on the left side, then click "I forgot my username or password." You will be taken to a new screen that will provide directions on how to retrieve your username and/or password online. If you need further assistance, please contact us at 412-624-8150 or empquestions@hr.pitt.edu.