Education Benefits for Dependent Children of Staff Employees

Required Criteria for Education Benefits  

  • Staff employee must be regular, full-time.
  • The student must be a natural, adopted, or step child of the staff employee.
  • The student must be listed as a child dependent on the employee's Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return for the calendar year most applicable to the academic term for which scholarship application is being made. Please view the “Qualifying Child Rules” page on the Internal Revenue Services’ website.

Effective Date for Education Benefits 

The benefit is not available until the staff member has completed the provisional period by the date listed below. If the provisional period has not ended by the date below, the benefit will begin the first term after the provisional period has ended.

Fall Term

September 1

Spring Term

January 1

Summer Term

May 1

Education Benefit at the University of Pittsburgh

Dependent children are eligible for the education benefits for 12 terms of undergraduate level coursework. There is no credit limit for a dependent per semester. The benefit for a dependent child is 100% of tuition.

Registration for less than the maximum credit load allowed in the Fall Term, Spring Term, or Summer Term uses one of the 12 allowable terms.  Dependent children attending high school and registering for courses in a term at the University, also uses one term of the 12 allowable if they enroll at the University.

Required Paperwork for Education Benefits at the University of Pittsburgh

Paperwork must be submitted once per academic year

  • Education Benefit Request Form for the University of Pittsburgh
  • Copy of the staff employee’s most recent Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (listing the student as a dependent son or daughter)

The education benefit will only be applied for the terms listed on the Education Benefit Request Form for the University of Pittsburgh. If the student will be studying abroad or participating in a co-op program, please notify the Benefits Department via email at to ensure the benefit processes on these tuition charges.

Access the Education Benefit Request Form for the University of Pittsburgh.

Forms are only accepted via fax (412-624-3485), mail or in-person drop off. Forms are NOT accepted via email because of the University’s security policy on the transmission of personal information.

Faculty, associates and scholars should review Section V. of the Faculty Handbook or contact Faculty Records for the education benefits information.