Education Benefits


If your employment status is regular full- or part-time, you are eligible for education benefits beginning with the first term after successfully concluding an initial provisional period of employment with the University. These education benefits are available only for the University of Pittsburgh (although, if you were hired by Sept. 1, 1994, or accepted in writing an employment offer by that date, you may be eligible for a scholarship at other institutions).

The education benefit is applied to tuition only, and remains on your account irrespective of the grade received. All other charges and fees are your responsibility. Eligibility for the benefit does not guarantee admission to or retention in any academic program. 


The IRS, under Section 127 of the tax code, governs that the value of Educational Benefits applied to graduate-level courses is considered taxable income. This requires faculty and staff members to pay taxes on a portion of the educational benefit he or she receives for graduate-level courses.


Education Benefit for Full-Time Staff

The University of Pittsburgh offers tuition remission to all regular full-time staff members, their spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children, providing they meet the University's admission requirements.

Part-Time Staff

Education Benefit for Part-Time Staff

If your employment is regular part-time, you are able to receive education benefits for yourself only; however, the benefit is prorated (six or eight credits depending on degree status.) The prorated share corresponds to the standard full time workweek of 37.5 hours per Policy 07-11-01.



Faculty Education Benefits are administered by Faculty Records. Call (412) 624-4232 for more information.

Provisional Period

In order to receive the tuition benefit for a term, you must be hired by the dates indicated below for your specific provisional period:

For Term: 3 Month Provisional Period 6 Month Provisional Period 1 Year Provisional Period
You must be hired By:
Fall June 1 March 1 September 1 of prior year
Spring October 1 July 1 January 1 of prior year
Summer February 1 November 1 May 1 of prior year

Responsibility for Full Tuition Repayment

The following time frame applies to avoid full payment of the tuition if you voluntarily resign during a semester:

For Term: You must be employed until:
Fall The last working day of October
Spring The last working day of February
Summer The last working day of June